China's National Forest Parks
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Tulu Ravine Forest Park

Tulu Ravine is located in the Liangcheng Forest Area, where the Loess and Qinghai-Tibet plateaus meet. With an area of 58.5 square kilometers, the Tulu Ravine Forest Park is 160 kilometers from Lanzhou, capital of Gansu Province, and 160 kilometers from Xining, capital of Qinghai Province. A tourism route of 16 kilometers is now open.

Tulu Ravine is a natural scenic area composed of steep cliffs, a vast expanse of forest, tortuous paths, limpid streams and ever-changing scenery. Its scenic spots include Skylight Eye, Dragon's Cave, half-moon Sky, Lamp Post Rock, Camel's Hump Ridge, Jingang Peak, the Three Elegant Peaks, Sound of Qin in the Secluded Valley, Pearls Falling down from the Stone Wall, etc., each with its own unique shape. Such magnificent, breathtaking, strange and elegant scenic spots are indeed rarely seen on the Loess Plateau.

With a warm climate, Tulu Ravine is densely covered in trees, grass and flowers, totaling 164 species of plants. It is home to several dozen kinds of animals, such as musk deer, deer, native horses, pheasants, blue sheep and lynxes, tall and straight dragon spruce, pine and cypress trees, and red birches can be s3een everywhere, while colorful lilacs, birches, hydrangeas and wild apricots are found all over the ravine.

The ravine is just like a natural art gallery, with musk deer and blue sheep roaming around, eagles and cuckoos flying freely in the sky, small streams giving out beautiful melodies and birds singing happy.

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