China's National Forest Parks
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Dalaoling National Forest Park

On the northern bank of the Ming Gorge (one of the Three Gorges on the Yangtze River), the Dalaoling National Forest Park, which is 100 kilometers from Yichang City, stands facing the Three Gorges Project in the south. It is adjacent to the hometown of Wang Zhaojun in the north and the hometown of Qu Yuan, a famous ancient patriotic poet, in the west. With an average elevation of 1,700 meters, it has a total area of 64 square kilometers. The highest temperature there is 28 degrees Celsius, and the lowest, -15 degrees Celsius.

The natural scenery in the park is very beautiful, with peaks rising one higher than the other, a vast sea of trees, crisscrossing ravines, buhbling springs and hanging waterfalls. The park boasts wellpreserved virgin forests, and 89 percent of its total area is covered by forests.

Taking a tour in the forest, tourists will feast their eyes on towering trees, and hear birds chirping and monkeys howling-a world full of life. Rare tree species can be seen everywhere, such as dove, ginkgo and Chinese tulip trees; rare flowers and fruits, and valuable Chinese medicinal herbs are found all over the park. In addition, the park is home to South China tigers, musk deer, wild boars, pheasants, giant salamanders and other rare an exotic wildlife.

Thanks to its well preserved natural eco-environment, the park is known as a "green warehouse" and "paradise for animals. The Dalaoling National Forest Park is picturesque all the year round: in spring, colorful flowers are in full bloom; in summer, it is cool beneath tall trees; in autumn the mountain is covered with red leaves; and in winter, it is a white world of snow and ice. An international hunting ground and skiing area will be open to the public here soon.

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