Folk Arts China 2002 - Large Scale Folh Art Celebrations & Festivals in China

Message Form Chairman of China National Tourism Administration

In the new century, as China's economy takes off and changes rapidly, the country's tourism continues to grow and develop vigorously, becoming the focus of world attention.

China is a country with a long history, splendid culture, beautiful mountains and rivers, a large number of ethnic groups and abundant tourism resources. Tourism has become a fashion making people relax and pleasing to people's bodies and minds. Tourism may enable people to broaden their vision and increase their knowledge. In addition, the mysterious and exotic Chinese customs are attracting an increasing number of visitors both from at home and abroad.

As an important content of China's tourism industry, Chinese folk arts, with strong local flavors and colors, is not only thriving among ordinary people, but also fascinates people all over the world. Following the success of the "Health & Fitness-China 2001, the "Folk Arts - China" is a new tourist theme year activity recommended by the China National Tourism Administration in 2002, aiming to enable people throughout the world to profoundly appreciate the unique aspects of Chinese folk arts, appreciate China's wide variety of colorful folk customs, and enrich and develop China's tourism products, thus promoting Chinese tourism to develop more rapidly toward its objectives.

Integrating knowledge, artistic quality and entertainment, this special picture album introduces over 100 carefully chosen large-scale folk art celebrations and festivals, special folk tourism products with strong local features, and selected tours. It includes both large-scale folk art celebrations and festivals, and local temple fairs; and recommends eight special tours - varied and colorful Chinese traditional folk operas, novel and interesting folk handicrafts, magnificent views of grottoes, cliff paintings and sculptures, exquisite and unique folk gardens and architecture, and Chinese folk arts and its festivals - both secular and religious.

As the ancient Chinese saying goes, "We are very happy to have friends coming from afar. " China, with its ages-old culture and civilization, is marching ahead to the world beyond, and sincerely welcomes friends from all over the world to experience its fascinating folk customs and heritage.

He Guangwei


China National Tourism Administration

August 1, 2001

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