October - Large Scale Folh Art Celebrations & Festivals in China

Beijing International Tourism Culture Festival
  • Time: Autumn
  • Venue: The city proper of Beijing.
  • Sponsor: Beijing Tourism Administration.
  • What's On: The Beijing International Tourism Culture Festival is a new tourism project, displaying different ethnic customs and cultures of various countries and regions. Through the opening
  • ceremony and the grand parade of performers in their holiday best, tourists may get to know the lives of the citizens in Beijing. During the festival, tourists may also pay a visit to the homes of Beijing citizens, watch operas, have an idea of the selected tourist routes, and participate in revelries at the closing ceremony. This international tourism culture festival has attracted worldwide attention because of its unique characteristics.

    Hubei Shennongjia Ecological Tourism Festival
  • Time: October
  • Venue: Shennongjia, Hubei Province.
  • Sponsors: Hubei Tourism Administration and the Shennongjia Forest District People's Government.
  • Organizers: Shennongjia Forest District Tourism Bureau, Shennongjia Nature Reserve and Shennongjia Tourism Group
  • What's On: Paying a visit to the virgin forests, doing rock-climbing, cycling at mountain-slope, drifting along the river,
  • climbing Shennong Range, participating in the bonfire evening party, staying at farmers' home and tasting farmers' food.

    China Hubei Wudang Martial Arts Festival
  • Time: The ninth day of the ninth lunar month (October 14)
  • Venue: Wudang Mountain, Hubei Province.
  • Sponsor: Hubei Provincial People's Government.
  • Organizers: Hubei Provincial People's Government and Shiyan City People's Government.
  • What's On: Martial Arts Competition, Wudang
  • martial arts performance, Taijiquan performance, Taoist service show, Taoist music performance and mountain climbing competition at the Double ninth Festival.

    Jinan Thousand-Buddha Hill Fair
  • Time: Starting three days before the ninth day of the ninth lunar month and ending three days after the ninth day of the ninth lunar month (about October 14)
  • Venue: Thousand-Buddha Hill Park in Jinan City, Shandong Province.
  • Sponsor: Thousand-Buddha Hill Park.
  • What's On: The Double Ninth Festival falls on the ninth day of the ninth lunar month. On the day, the people of Jinan will climb the Thousand Buddha hill,
  • and watch the Peking opera, Luju opera, acrobatics, magic and fashion shows. Standing at the top of the Thousand-Buddha hill. tourists may have a nice view of Darning Lake, the dragon-like Yellow River and picturesque and modern Jinan City.

    Guilin Landscape Tourism Festival
  • Time: October 31 to November 8
  • Venue: Guilin City, the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.
  • What's On: On the western bank of the Lijiang River, the city of Guilin enjoys the reputation of having the country's most beautiful scenery featuring limpid waters, green mountains, weird-shaped caves and beautiful rocks. During the festival, various activities will be organized, such as an opening ceremony, Lijiang River Autumn Moon Lantern Festival, an evening cruising of the Lijiang River, appreciating ti lanterns that integrate sound, light, color and movement into or, the bonfire evening party on
  • Love Island, the performance of folk songs and dances, barbecue, a tour of Guilin ancient culture, and :I tour of Longsheng Ailing Hot Spring.

    2002 Hangzhou West Lake International Fireworks Gathering
  • Time: In the evening of October 21
  • Venue: West Lake in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province.
  • Sponsor: The leading group of the Hangzhou Tourism Festivals and Celebrations.
  • What's On: During the day, tourists may enjoy highlights of Yueju Opera, take a lake cruising by dragon boat and decorated boat amidst a deafening
  • sound of gongs and drums, participate in the Sino-Japanese Folk Cultural Exchange Activity, and enjoy the folk arts show on the Su Causeway. In the evening, the mountains and lake will be dazzling displays of fireworks and lanterns. Hangzhou has successfully organized the West Lake International Fireworks Gathering for four times until today. At each gathering, the best fireworks with unique features from eight countries and regions were set off. At the 2002 Hangzhou West Lake International Fireworks Gathering, the best novel fireworks with music modelling produced by various countries in the world will be set off as the main products to form a splendid picture with fireworks reflected on the lake, and traditional folk music of the southern part of the Yangtze River echoing in the air.

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