June - Large Scale Folh Art Celebrations & Festivals in China

Gyangze Tama Festival
  • Time: June
  • Venue: Gyangze in the Tibet Autonomous Region and the surrounding agricultural areas
  • What's On: Performances at the inauguration ceremony with a strong ethnic color, and many other recreational activities, such as horse-vaulting, shooting on horse, Tibetan opera, songs and dances, in addition to exchange of goods and materials, and sales of cushions, carpets and tapestries made in Gyangze.
  • Yueyang International Dragon Boat Festival

  • Time: From the fifth day to the seventh day of the fifth lunar month (June 15-17)
  • Venue: Nanhu Lake, Yueyang City, Hunan Province
  • Sponsor: Yueyang City Government
  • What's On: The Miluo and Dongting lakes in
  • Hunan Province are the birthplace of the dragon and dragon boat culture. Qu Yuan, the patriotic poet in ancient China, once composed poems and traveled on the lakes. To commemorate Qu Yuan and disseminate Chinese culture, a dragon boat festival is held here every year. During the festival, more than 20 dragon boat teams from all over the world, such as the United States, Canada, Australia and Southeast Asia, participate in the boat race and give performances.

    International Dragon Boat Race at the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River in Yichang, Hubei Province
  • Time: June
  • Venue: Yichang City, Hubei Province.
  • Sponsor: Hubei Provincial People's Government.
  • Organizer: Hubei Tourism Administration and the People's Government of Yichang City.
  • What's On: The dragon boat race from Zigui to Gezhouba, a parade of dragon boats and songs and dances.
  • Kashi Dawazi Festival
  • Time: Mid June
  • Sponsor: Kashi Prefecture Tourism Bureau of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region
  • What's On: Ahdili, China's "High-Altitude Prince," will walk along a rope in the air, in addition to rooster-fighting, sheep-fighting, and songs and dances performed by the Uygur people. Tourists can also taste Uygur special food, melons and fruit.
  • The Second China Dragon Boat Festival in Jingzhou, Hubei Province
  • Time: Fifth day of the fifth lunar month (June 15)
  • Venue: The moat and Honghu Lake of Jingzhou, Hubei Province.
  • Sponsor: Hubei Provincial People's Government Organizers: Hubei Tourism Bureau, Hubei Sports Bureau and the Jingzhou City People's Government.
  • What's On: A dragon boat race will be held in the moat, and tourists may pick lotus seeds in the Honghu Lake, and visit fishermen's homes.
  • Xiamen Jimei International Dragon Boat Festival
  • Time: Fifth day of the fifth lunar month (June 15)
  • Venue: Xiamen, Fujian Province
  • What's On: A dragon boat race will be held in Jimei, Xiamen on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month every year. Top-notch athletes from all over the world come to participate in the competition. The specially built Dragon Boat Pond in Jimei is 1,800 m in circumference.
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