December - Large Scale Folh Art Celebrations & Festivals in China

Tolling the Bell on the Eve of the New Year at the Golden Hill Temple to Welcome the New Year

  • Time: At 21:00 on December 31 to the early morning of January 1
  • Venue: Golden Hill Temple, Zhenjiang, Jiangsu Province
  • Sponsors: Zhenjiang City Tourism Bureau, Park Affairs Bureau, Religious Affairs Bureau and Public Security Bureau
  • What's On: The traditional customs of tolling the bell at Golden Hill Temple to welcome the New Year originated from the Tang Dynasty. Since ancient times, the monks in the temples have tolled the bell on the eve of the New Year for more than 1,000 years. Hence the temple has become the holy land of domestic and foreign monks and religious followers to pray for blessing when bidding farewell to the outgoing year and welcoming the New Year. On the New Year's eve, the Golden Hill Temple will hold the grand bell-trolling activity, which attracts more than 10,000 domestic and foreign tourists every year. Other activities are also held, such as a night tour of the Golden Hill, display and sales of tourism commodities, tourists standing in line for tolling the bell, and tasting delicious food provided by the Foyinju Vegetarian Restaurant.
  • Welcoming the New Year and Listening to the Sound of Bells Activity
  • Time: December 30
  • Venue: Qixia Temple, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province
  • Sponsors: Nanjing Tourism Bureau and the Nanjing Administration of Ethnic Religious Affairs
  • What's On: On December 30, Nanjing Qixia Temple will hold the activity of welcoming the New Year and listening to the sound of bells.
  • Buddhism maintains that everyone will have 108 worries in his life. If one listens to 108 rings of the bell on the eve of the New Year, one will avoid disasters and have a good luck in the New Year. According to the Chinese customs, the Chinese people toll the bell in the morning and beat the drum at dusk. Hence Nanjing City arranges this activity specially for domestic and foreign tourists. On the eve of the New Year, tourists may enjoy folk music, watch Buddhist services, listen to the tolling of the bell, and taste the "Longevity Noodles" specially prepared by the temple.

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