August - Large Scale Folh Art Celebrations & Festivals in China

Nagqu Qiangtang Horserace Festival
  • Time: August 10 to 16
  • Venue: Northern Plain in the Tibet Autonomous Region.
  • What's On: Tens of thousands of herdsmen in their holiday best go camping outside of Nagqu City. On the vast expanse of grassland are scattered many camps, lasting several miles. After a grand opening ceremony, various
  • recreational and trade activities will start, such as horserace, yak race, tug of-war, carrying rocks, doing sgor-gzhas (Tibetan group dance), and performing Tibetan operas.

    Shoton Festival
  • Time: August 8-15
  • Venue: Lhasa, the Tibet Autonomous Region.
  • What's On: It is also known as the "Tibetan Opera Festival" when a number of theatrical troupes gather at Lhasa. The Tibetan people in their holiday best go camping, and do singing and dancing at Norbu Lingka, and watch Tibetan operas for several days and nights in succession.
  • Tongliao Horserace

  • Time: August 18-20
  • Venue: Zhuri River Grassland Tourism and Holiday Resort, Tongliao City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region
  • Sponsor: Tongliao City People's Government.
  • What's On: Horserace and horse walking competition. During the horse walking competition, the
  • horse that walks fastest, the most stable and beautiful will win the competition, and in horserace, the horse that runs fastest and longest will be the winner. After the horserace begins, horsemen will flourish the whip to urge on the hors and horses will run swift as the wind and quick as lightning. What exciting scene!

    Onghor (Expecting Good Harvest) Festival
  • Time: August
  • Venue: Agricultural areas in Lhasa, Xigaze and Gyangze in the Tibet Autonomous Region.
  • What's On: During the festival, the Tibetan people will walk clockwise around the fields, go camping in the open, ride horses, shoot arrows, do singing and dancing, listen to the Tibetan opera and take part in other recreational activities, thus displaying a beautiful folk customs picture.
  • The Third Qingjiang International Qingjiang Beach Race Festival in Enshi
  • Time: August
  • Venue: Enshi City, Hubei Province.
  • Sponsor: Hubei Provincial People's Government.
  • Organizers: Hubei Tourism Administration, and the People's Government of Enshi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture
  • What's On: Beach race, folk songs and dances, adventure into Tenglong Cave and Daughters Rally.
  • July Fair (Nadun Festival)
  • Time: August 30 to October 31
  • Venue: Qinghai Province.
  • What's On: Various kinds of song and dance recreational activities will be held. "Nadun" is a unique traditional festival of the local Tu people to celebrate a bumper harvest. Like a temple fair, the Tu people get together to celebrate the bumper harvest, express their gratitude to the gods, and hope for a good harvest of all food crops.
  • This revelry starts from the 13th day of the seventh lunar month to the 15th day of the ninth lunar month, lasting a total of 63 days. Hence the longest revelry in the world.

    Hohhot Zhaojun Culture Festival
  • Time: August
  • Venue: Hohhot of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.
  • Sponsor: Hohhot People's Government.
  • What's On: The International Folk Arts Festival, Zhaojun Tomb Folk Customs and Culture Activity, Exhibition of Folk Arts, Photos and Paintings, special local songs and dances, and yangko dance competition.
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