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Brief Introduction

  In 1999,as the 21st century draws near, the beautiful southwest Chinese city of Kunming will become the venue for a global event, the'99 lnternational Horticultural Exposition.

   The exposition, to be hosted by the Chinese government at the turn of the century, has been endorsed and registered as an A1 professional exposition by the Bureau lnternational des Expositions(BIE)and the lnternational Association of Horticultural Producers(IAHP)."Man and Nature-Marching into the 21st Century" is the theme of the exposition, which will last for 184 days from May 1 to October 31, 1999.

   The exposition will highlight the age-old tradtions of horticulture and the multifarious products associated with it; gardens and courtyards which dovetail traditional culture with modern civilization;achievements in protecting the natural environment and maintaining ecological balance;flower-beds with distinct,fascinating characteristics;success stories about integrating economic growth with environmental protection; advanced technology, books and equipment concerning horticulture and landscaping;souvenirs related to horticulture, landscaping and environment; and delicacies from different parts of the world.

   Art performances, gala parties, festive ceremonies, and academic activities will take place during the course of the exposition. Some of the world's best amusement and tourist facilities will be employed in organizing cultural, tourist, sightseeing and other activities. Days will be designated to salute each country participating in the exposition.

   The Chinese government has attached great importance to the forthcoming event.Premier Li Peng has issued invitation letters to heads of state around the world.An organizing committee was established in December 1996, with Vice-Premier Li Lanqing as chairman. The Yunnan Provincial Bureau of Horticultural Expositions has been set up as the executive department of the organizing committee and the Yunnan provincial government, to handle such tasks as construction of the exposition site, arranging the exhibits, and day-to-day operations.

   The exposition coincides with"China Ecotourism'99",a national tourist programmesponsored by the National Tourism Administration of the People's Republic of China. Yunnan Province, with Kunming as its capital, will play a central role in promoting this programme. As horticulture is inseparably related to ecology,it is only appropriate for China Ecotourism'99 to be launched in sync with the'99 lnternational Horticultural Exposition in Kunming. You are welcome to join us on a journey into China's ecological environment, and to go back to nature, the origin of life.

|Introducing'99 lnternational Horticultural Exposition Kunming, China|

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