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Special Routes of Jiangsu Folk Arts Tours

  1. Jiangsu Calligraphy and Painting Tour: Visiting Xukou County"Kingdom of Chinese Calligraphy and Paintings"; appreciating original calligraphic works and paintings by the "Eight Eccentrics of Yangzhou"; participating in the Yi Herring Calligraphy Seminar; visiting villages famous for their farmers' paintings in Xuzhou, Huaiyin and Yancheng cities; visiting villages famous for their children's paintings in Suining County;

  2. Introducing the Folk Handicrafts and Gardening in Jiangsu Province: Huishan clay figurines, Yixing pottery and porcelain, Tongpai potted landscapes, mahogany wood carvings, Rugao silk blankets, Changzhou embroidery, double-edged fine-toothed combs, tree-root carvings, Jintan paper decorations, bamboo carvings, Yangzhou papercuts, lacquerware, jadeware, dough figurines, and velvet flowers;

  3. Introducing Local Operas and Quyi of Jiangsu Province: storytelling combined with ballad singing in the Suzhou dialect; local opera, folk songs and ballads of the Suzhou region; Yangzhou puppet show, Yangzhou Opera; Lantern dance of Shangdang Town, and yangge dance.

  4. Costumes of the Waterside Towns Tour in the Region South of the Yangtze River: Luzhi-style costumes; the Zhenhu embroidery of Suzhou; Changzhou embroidery;

  5. Folk Customs Tour of Wu Culture: Huqiu temple fair; Quanfu temple fair; striking the bell on the Chinese New Year's Eve; paying Chinese New Year calls; welcoming the God of Fortune home on the 5th day of the 1 st lunar month; lantern show on the 15th night of the first lunar month lantern show in Ganlu; Taibo temple fair; festival of offering sacrifice to the ancestors in Taibo; appreciating the moon on Taihu Lake at the Moon Festival;

  6. Chinese Folk Arts Tour: Huishan clay figurines exhibition; Yixing, the "City of Pottery"; Yuqi, the "Township of the Dragon Dance"; Buddhist architecture of Mount Lingshan; Jichangyuan Garden, a garden built on a mountain slope in the Ming Dynasty;
  7. Introducing and Folk Customs of Wu Culture: Taibo temple fair (on the 9th day of the 1 st lunar month); Ganlu Lantern Show (on the 15th day of the 1st lunar month); Huishan temple fair (in the last ten days of March); the 8th Festival of Yanqiao Folk Customs (on the 3rd day of the 3rd lunar month); festival of offering sacrifice to the ancestors in Taibo (April 1-10); appreciating the moon on Taihu Lake at the Moon Festival (on the 15th night of the 8th lunar month).

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