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Prince Teng's Pavilion

Prince Teng's Pavilion, situated by the Ganjiang River to the west of Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province, is one of the three famous towers in the region south of the Yangtze River.

It was built in the fourth year (653) of the Yonghui reign period of the Tang Dynasty, when Prince Teng, the younger brother of Emperor Taizong, was the superintendent of Hongzhou City, hence its name. It has been rebuilt 28 times. The last time was in 1989 when it was rebuilt in imitation of the Song Dynasty style, according to a blueprint drawn by Liang Sicheng, a leading Chinese architect. It covers 13,000 sq m of floor space, and is 57.5 m. high.

The building, with overhanging eaves, tilted corners, carved beams and painted rafters, presents a magnificent appearance.

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