Chinese Cuisine and Snacks
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Chengdu Snacks

Chengdu snacks enjoy a high reputation both at home and abroad with their unique colors, aromas, shapes and tastes. First. Chengdu snacks have a long history. For instance, "thong Shuijiao" (boiled dumplings) and "Lai Tangyuan" (stuffed balls made of glutinous rice flour served in soup) have a history of over 100 years. Second, Chengdu snacks are carefully prepared with meticulously selected materials. Third, Chengdu boasts a wide variety of snacks. Fourth, Chengdu snacks are varied in taste. People who have not been to Chengdu will think all dishes and snacks served in Chengdu are spicy. As a matter of fact, many Chengdu snacks are aromatic, sweet, tender and tasty. Fifth, there are many ways to eat Chengdu snacks.

Guo Tangyuan

Guo Tangyuan enjoys equal popularity with Lai Tangyuan in Chengdu. The Guo Tangyuan Restaurant was founded in the 1940s. Prepared with high-quality glutinous rice flour, Guo Tangyuan has a wide variety of stuffing, such as black sesame seeds and sweetened bean paste.

Couple Lung Slice

Legend has it that in the 1930s, Guo Chaohua and his wife ran a restaurant, serving a delicious dish called Lung Slice, which was well received by customers. Hence the name Couple Lung Slice. Beautiful in color, soft and tender, aromatic and spicy, it is one of famous dishes of Sichuan.

Lai Tangyuan (balls made of glutinous rice flour served in soup)

In 1894 a person whose name was Lai Yuanxin sold balls made of glutinous rice flour along the street. His balls featured thin skin, delicious stuffing, a sweet taste and a good smell. Later he ran a store named as "Lai Tangyuan." Balls served by this store have been well received by the Chengdu people.

Longchaoshou (dumpling soup, or wonton known in north China)

In the 1940s Zhang Guangwu, owner of the "Strong Scented Teahouse," founded a wonton restaurant in cooperation with others, named "Longchaoshou." The dumplings offered by the restaurant feature thin skin, tender stuffing and delicious soup.

Dandan Noodles

Dandan noodles, originally sold by peddlers along the street. are delicious and spicy.

Tea Drinking Customs

Tea drinking customs are an important content of ancient catering culture of Sichuan Province. The people in Central Sichuan like to drink tea with a lid-covered teacup, reflecting their special life interest, which has aroused great interest of Chinese and foreign tourists. The Lid-covered Tea invented in Chengdu is unique.

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