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Stones from the Three GorgesChongqing Municipality is vast in area and rich in natural Resources. It produces a great variety of products. The local and special products include such valuable traditional Chinese medicinal herbs and miaoshen (a specimen of ginseng) from Wushan as well as famous fruit, such as orange from Jiangjin and navel orange from Fengjie.

The Chongqing area is also one of China’s leading tea growers. Tuocha from Chongqing, Yinzhen from Cuipeng, Zhenzhulan from Qianjiang, and Maojian from Xinong are all quality tea. Old Sichuan lamp shade beef, hot pickled mustard tuber of Fuling, and sliced peach of Hechuan are known in China and abroad.

Chongqing has been known far and near for its handicrafts. Since the Southern Song Dynasty, Shu or Suchuan embroidery has been cited as one of the four famous embroideries in China (the other three being Su or Jiangsu, Xiang or Hunan, and Yue or Guangdong embroideries). Folding paper fans and woven bamboo articles from Rongchang, inkslabs from the Three Gorges, and woodcut printed pictures by farmers in Qijiang all bear a strong local color.

Major Shopping Centers

The Liberation Monument Commercial center: Located in the golden section of Chongqing, it is the largest and most thriving commercial center in the city, selling articles of everyday use and foodstuffs. There are the chongqing department Store, the Metrppolitan Square, the New World Department Store, the Commercial Tower, the Overseas Chinese Friendship Plaza, and the New Era Department Store.

  • The Chongqing Department Store
    Add: 2 Minquan Road, Chongqing
    Tel: 63830235
  • The Commercial Tower
    Add: 1 Minquan Road, Chongqing
    Tel: 63830235
  • The Overseas Chinese Friendship Plaza
    Add: 173 Minzu Road, Chongqing
    Tel: 63825209
  • New Era Department Store
    Add: Qingnian Road
    Tel: 63803279


  • Chongqing Travel and Tours Guide

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