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The people of Chongqing love tingling, piquant, and hot chafingdish (hot pot), the hotter the better. There are yuanyang (white-and-red) chafingdish, chafingdish with medicinal herbs, chafingdish with fish head soup, and whole mutton chafingdish. The catering industry of Chongqing attracts customers with specially-prepared food and good service. There are the gourmet street selling water cock of Nanshanquan and beer-braised duck of Liugongli as well as chicken with chilli of Geleshan, fish with beancurd of Ciqikou, Tai'an fish of Tongnan, and other gourmet areas.

Chongqing Chafingdish

It is also called the chafingdish of the mountain city. The Chongqing chafingdish, with its tingling, piquant, burning hot, fresh, and tender characteristics, has along history. It is offered at restaurants everywhere in the street both in winter and summer. The ingredients used include animal's tripes, livers, kidneys, and brains, lean pork, and beef.

Fish with Pickled Musard

It is a dish with Chongqing flavor. Prepared with crucian, steeped pimiento, and fermented glutinous rice, it is tender, slightly sour, tasty, and refreshing.

Hanochi (Good-to-Eat) Street

It is to be found along the Baiyi Road near the Liberation Monument in Chongqing. Local-flavor food and snacks are sold here everyday. These include bean jelly of northern Sichuan, Chongqing's small stuffed dumplings of glutinous rice flour served in soup, Sichuan noodles in peppery sauce, and Chongqing chafingdish.


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