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Beijing is a city with developed commerce, where tourists can buy not only special local products and arts and crafts, but also various famous-brand products from all over the world, such as silk products from the "four famous silk producers in China," precious Dragon Well Tea, Maotai Liquor from Guizhou and porcelain wares from Jingdezhen.

Liulichang in Beijing is an ancient cultural street where people can buy antiques, calligraphy, stationery, articles of handicraft art, etc. The Xiushui Street is also an ideal place for foreign tourists to do shopping.

When doing shopping in Beijing, foreign tourists may use Renminbi or credit cards. The following credit cards can be used in China: Master Card, Visa, American Express, JCB Card, and Diners. Card holders can draw cash from the Bank of China on the strength of their cards, or do shopping and make payment with the cards at the major hotels and shopping centers where the Bank of China has established branches, or at the shops, restaurants and hotels designated by the Bank of China.

Wangfujing Street: The street is lined by many shopping centers and stores, such as the Department Store, Dong'an Bazaar. One World Department Store, Beijing Arts and Crafts Services Department, Laofuye Commercial Mansion, etc.

Qianmen Street: The Qianmen Street is famous for many old and small stores, which are welcomed by citizens of Beijing. The well-known Dazhlan Tourism Shopping Street is located in the street.

Xidan Street: The street has the Shopping Center, Food Bazaar, and many shoes, garments and hats stores.

Yinjie Street: Located in Dongdan Beidajie, the Yinjie Street gathers many stores specialized in selling world famous-brand commodities, in addition to some large shopping centers at Dongsi, such as Longfu Trade Mansion.

Jianguomenwai Street: Full of international features, Jianguomenwai Street contains the Friendship Store, CVIK Shopping Center, Guiyou Mansion, Xiushuijie Free Market, etc.

Chaowai Street: The Fenglian Plaza, Jian Hypermarket, Landao Mansion, Landao West Area Plaza, etc. are located in Chaowai Street.

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